Three Thanks A Week

Share your gratitude, once a week in three easy bites

About Three Thanks

Three Thanks is a place for us to simply jot down three things for which we are thankful every week.   Simple things are often the hardest to do, so I hope we can do this together.

Every Monday morning we will post three things we are thankful for, and you simply reply in the comments section with your bits of gratitude.  It’s simple, and it’s a secret recipe.

Try it.

The Back Story


This morning I woke up feeling just a little off.  I stood staring aimlessly out the window at the gray and gloomy landscape; the cold air crept around the window sill and wrapped around my neck making me shrug my shoulders in defense.  I felt downtrodden and thought briefly about going back to bed.  Just then, my cat lowered her head and leaned into my leg with a thud and uttered a raspy good morning meow.  I looked down at her, said “thanks” and then I smiled.

We walked together over to the computer together and as I am oft to do, started meandering around the web.  The first post I clicked through to was this one:  Better Mood from Gratitude: 2 Minute Execise – Start Now! The post has evidence showing that gratitude, expressed in simple form on a weekly basis,  increases your happiness.

Seriously?  I sat staring at the page, mindlessly scratching my cat behind her ears.  “I have to do this”, I thought.

And Three Thanks was born.


Written by Grace

December 11, 2008 at 2:30 pm

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